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​Angela Saavedra is a Colombian/Swiss artist, currently living in Lutry, Switzerland.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Visual Communication.

Main themes of her work and sources of inspiration:


  • Rituals as a way of passing on knowledge, building structured minds and unquestionable faith.

  • Self-searching.

  • Multiracialism.

  • Humanity and Divine.

  • Exhaustion and creative entropy.

  • Concept of Integration/Differentiation.

  • Patterns/ Looking for meaning /Forgotten paradigms.

  • Elitist vs. Popular traditions.

  • Feminity. Tony Wolff's and Jungian theories.

  • Identity, crafts and heritage.

  • Disconnection with the natural world.

  • Regulatory entities.

  • Modern slavery. 


Female figures are the main characters of Angela’s work. Sometimes they are presented with fragile and vulnerable dripped lines surrounded by thick textures and mixed media,  suggesting written paths, heaviness and noise. Other works include structured and divine women, self-confident, wise, healers and keepers of secrets as nature itself.

Her work, strives to expose the irony and confusion of a globalised society amid exponential technological development, a society in which we still witness acts of fundamental human rights abuse,  disconnection from ourselves and the natural world, identity crisis and lack of trust in the institutions.


Main Exhibitions:  


Galeria Cipriarte, Venice (Italy) From May 1 - August 31/ 2024

2023/ Represented by The Gallery Steiner from Vienna  (Austria) / RedDot Miami (USA)

2023/Artbox Expo Basel (Switzerland)

2023/ Casa del Arte Palma de Mallorca  (Spain)

2022 - 2015/ Mag's Gallery  (Switzerland)

2018 /Paloma Fashion & Art Budapest  (Hungary)

2015 / Modern Art Fair Austria / Neuberg  (Austria)

2015/ August / Art Austria Biennale -  MAMAG Modern Art Museum / Hubertendorf (Austria)

2015/ International Fine Art Masters / PAKS Gallery / Hubertendorf  (Austria)

2014/ Galerie de L'Essor / Vallee de Joux  (Switzerland)

2014 / Galerie de Grancy / Lausanne  (Switzerland)

2014/ Place Suisse des Arts/ Lausanne  (Switzerland)

2013 / MAG Contemporary Art Gallery / Montreux  (Switzerland)

2013 / Galerie La Grange / Jouxtens-Mezery  Switzerland)

2012 / Montreux Art Gallery / Montreux  (Switzerland)

2012 / Jay Kay art Gallery / Carrouge  (Switzerland)

2012 / Grand Marche d’art Contemporaine  GMAC / Paris  (France)

2011 / Association des Peintres & Sculpteurs de la cote College de Grand Champ Gland  (Switzerland)

2011 / Clinique La Prarie / Clarens  (Switzerland)

2010/ Galerie Le Lavoir / Carrieres sur Seine  (France)

2010 / Association des Peintres & Sculpteurs de la cote College de Grand Champ Gland  (Switzerland)

2010 / Painting / Chateau D’Aubonne  (Switzerland)

2010 / painting / Galerie Du Desert Lausanne  (Switzerland)

2010 / painting / Galerie Du Pressoir Ecublens  (Switzerland)

2005 / Land Art Exhibition and International Contest Fortezza Da Basso / Florence  (Italy)

2005 / Painting-Sculpture / Gallerie N’Daje/Morges  (Switzerland)

2004 / Painting-Live Sculpture/Museo della Rosa Antica/Serramazzoni  (Italy)

2004 / Sculpture / Centro Civico San Vitale / Bologna  (Italy)

2003 / Painting-Sculpture / Casinalbo / Modena  (Italy)


2024 / Winner contest Artexpo - Biennale di Venezia (Italy) 

2023/ Art Revolution Taipei (Taiwan) finalist of

"I. A. G. P. Competition" by the Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association /

2004 / First price award at International competition Fortezza da Basso, Florence (Italy) with the project "Tra Terra e Cielo".

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