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​Angela is a Colombian/Swiss artist and a Instructor of Yoga and Creativity . These two disciplines have been the main catalysts for self-discovery and transformation. She believes both, the art process and yoga practice are highly challenging, demand full attention, require complete presence, quiet and to deeply listen and observe.


"It can be extremely difficult to explore your emotions, dreams, sorrows, ambiguous feelings or whatever your nature demands you to dig in when facing a blank canvas but for an artist, you must find the way to make the exploration visible. 

Something similar happens with Yoga when overcoming self-doubt, physical limitations, or pain. You must be brave enough, open up and trust".


For Angela, both practices provide a tremendous amount of connection with our own self and both equally have the potential of being deeply revelatory. In addition, they allow people to be immersed but free, to transcend fear and to experience calmness, peace, and intention. This is what she believes having spiritual experiences means and this is accessible to everybody. 


Main themes of her work and sources of inspiration:


  • Traditional/ ancient believe systems, some of them still being practiced today in juxtaposition with modern believes that fuel primary thoughts and self-satisfaction.

  • Rituals as a way of passing on knowledge, building structured minds and unquestionable faith 

  • Humanity and Divine

  • Healers, mystics, ascetics, aboriginals, shamans, hermits / Practices of humility, generosity, stillness. 

  • Exhaustion and creative entropy 

  • Concept of Integration/Differentiation

  • Patterns/ Looking for meaning /Forgotten paradigms.


Symbols and Techniques:


Female figures are the main characters of Angela’s work. Sometimes they are presented with fragile and vulnerable dripped lines surrounded by thick textures, mixed media, or scratched texts (sgraffito) suggesting written paths, heaviness and noise. Other works include structured and divine women, self-confident, wise, healers and keepers of secrets as nature itself. The little use of traditional tools such brushes or conventional colors makes her embrace other mediums using sticks, knives, sand, handcrafted paper, natural pigments, and other materials. 

Main Exhibitions:  2018 /Paloma Fashion & Art Budapest (Hungary) 2022 - 2015/ Mag's Gallery (Switzerland)  11-19 July 2015 / Modern Art Fair Austria / Neuberg (Austria) / 14-30 August / Art Austria Biennale -  MAMAG Modern Art Museum / Hubertendorf (Austria) / 4-20 September / International Fine Art Masters / PAKS Gallery / Hubertendorf (Austria) / 29 August - 20 September / Galerie de L'Essor / Vallee de Joux (Switzerland)2014 / Galerie de Grancy / Lausanne (Switzerland) / 2014/ Place Suisse des Arts/ Lausanne (Switzerland) / 2013 / MAG Contemporary Art Gallery / Montreux (Switzerland) /2013 / Galerie La Grange / Jouxtens-Mezery (Switzerland) /2012 / Montreux Art Gallery / Montreux (Switzerland) /2012 / Jay Kay art Gallery / Carrouge (Switzerland) /2012 / Grand Marche d’art Contemporaine  GMAC / Paris (France) /2011 / Association des Peintres & Sculpteurs de la cote College de Grand Champ Gland (Switzerland) /2010 / Clinique La Prarie / Clarens (Switzerland) /2011/ Galerie Le Lavoir / Carrieres sur Seine (France) /2010 / Association des Peintres & Sculpteurs de la cote College de Grand Champ Gland (Switzerland) /2010 / Painting / Chateau D’Aubonne (Switzerland) /2010 / painting / Galerie Du Desert Lausanne (Switzerland) /2010 / painting / Galerie Du Pressoir Ecublens (Switzerland) /2005 / Land Art Exhibition and International Contest Fortezza Da Basso / Florence (Italy) /2005 / Painting-Sculpture / Gallerie N’Daje/Morges (Switzerland) /2004 / Painting-Live Sculpture/Museo della Rosa Antica/Serramazzoni (Italy) 2004 / Sculpture / Centro Civico San Vitale / Bologna (Italy) 2003 / Painting-Sculpture / Casinalbo / Modena (Italy) /2001 / 

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